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Welcome to Scott Moores the official website of the newest up and coming Artist.   Scott Moores is a Music composer who can composes and Produce music in many different genres.  From Classical to Electro,  He has a wide range of skills ranging from Flamenco guitar to advance mastering.  On The website you can Browse Through some of Scott Moores latest tracks and listen to the talented and diverse Musician.  You will be able to Listen to some of his master pieces, which have been used in



Feature films and have been Listened to through out the world on radio and played in Concerts. You can find samples off his last two Amazing Albums and You will also have direct access to purchase them through all major retailers, itunes, Amazon, Deezer, Emusic the list goes on.

Scott Moores Is the Founder Of Omae Studios a Professional Studio company that offers you the very best in high quality music production and original compositions. Omae Studios caterers for all your musical needs, if are looking for Music for film/ Television, or you simply need an album mastered Omae Studios can provide at a very competitive price.  Please visit the Omae Music Page to hear examples of our work.

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Scott Moores

On this site you can find helpful tips from Scott Moores on being successful as a Musician, and how to help other up and coming artists with tips such as how to make money in the Music Industry. You will read about Scott Moores

Love of Music and his musical influences from Artists such as Jim Morrison, Ali Farka Toure, Bob Marley, Son House , Miles Davis through to Mozart and Beethoven and how Scott Moores became influenced by such diverse Music Legends.  Moores with an HND in Music shares his knowledge on Instruments, Recording, Engineering and Sound with you. Scott Moores’ talent doesn’t stop there, with his gifts extending into Film and Television.  We hope you enjoy listening to Scott Moores and enjoy browsing the site packed with lots of useful information, as a Fan, Musician, Producer, Songwriter or Music Enthusiast Welcome.

Check out Scott Moores Visual Examples page to see and hear some of his latest work.

Scott Moores

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Scott Moores



“In my eyes u got the potential to fly high and this is why 1. The musical ideas in the song do not bore me and i am listening really long now in loops this is for me the filter any song who can do this to me without getting borin has got something that is irresistible to me.
2. whatever your intentions might look like in my eyes you re a so truly smart music maker I can image u as a dj getting 10000 of people into your mezmerizing style
3.the more i hear it the more i like it it putz me into a kind of trance first i thought a singer is missing now i am not missing anything at all i give u a straight five out of five u covinced me create loops go on hypnotize us take us with u and hey all the best for u and ur talent
Good start, but later became just fantastic to me”

We hope  you enjoy Scott Moores the offical music website

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Arange of the best Music Documentaries chosen by Scott Moores

Music Documentaries 

Here are some of the most inspirational music documentaries of all time. We hope you enjoy them.  Scott Moores Music Documentaries…. Buena Vista Social Club is…Read more

Biography’s on Scott Moores’ most Influential People.


Albert Einstein Al Green Robert Nesta Marley Son House
The Gladiators Robert Johnson Leadbelly Toots and the Maytals
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart James Brown Ludwig Van Beethoven Jim Morrison
Miles Davis Ali Farka Toure Jimi Hendrix Paco de Lucia

Albert Einstein Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

Tips on How to make in the Music in the Music Industry

Welcome to how to make money in the music industry.  This isnt and was never an easy process, especially with the internet taking over and it becoming more and more easy to rip music for free.  Although the internet has some down falls, it also has some quailtys that we could have only dreamt of 15 years ago.  If you have the money and the time you can make yourself the most famous person that ever walked the planet.  Big Record companys spend on average 1 million bucks on promoting a new artist.

How to make money in the music industry



Scott Moores Musician


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